• Come join Chicago Mudcats Sport and Social Club for our 15th summer of baseball camp and training opportunities. Our camps are centered around the game of baseball as well as other sports - choose between our baseball-focused camp or our broader sports camp. Training programs are geared toward the more serious baseball players looking for structured development options during the summer months.

  • 2017 Boys Baseball & Girls Softball tryouts

  • Mission - Vision - Future

    Mission & Vision

    Developing Chicago’s Youth through service,
    sport, and scholarship

    To create a club that services the sports and social needs of the community that it serves.  Building a connection around sports and education that brings generations of Chicagoans together is at the heart of Chicago Mudcat Sport and Social Club.

    Future Goals

    To enhance and nurture athletics, education and the spirit of philanthropy for Chicago's Youth.

    We plan to provide programming that encompasses all sports, after school programming, a home for Chicago's youth to connect socially and be involved in community and ultimately learn to give back. 


    Future goals include mentoring partnerships, volunteers opportunities, multiple locations for our Chicago Youth to call home and have safe haven.

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  • Mudcats Fitness

    Head Trainer: Noel Pagan


    Bio: My name is Noel Pagan and I'm here to change your life. I work for Chicago Mudcats Sports and Social Club. The best part about it is that it is a 501C3 non-profit organization. I've been working here since 2006 and never turned back. My philosophy is "I'm here to benefit you, I'm not only here to benefit me." It seemed simple to me...if you help others, you help yourself grow as a person. This led me to my career path as a personal training and personal baseball instruction. Performance enhancement, fat loss, sciatica, disk degeneration, and fixing people is what I do. From college athletes to grandmothers with sciatica, I pride myself in knowing I can connect with someone and help them physically, mentally, and emotionally. My motivation is my father. He has lived with ankylosing spondylitis (full body arthritis aka bamboo spine) for +10 years and he has taught me that our body and our health is something to take seriously. A lot of people have had their bodies taken away from them. Poor posture, old injuries, and mishaps add up overtime. It happened to my father and although I cannot give him his body back...I want to give you your body back.



    Contact Info:


    (773) 559-0356

    Twitter: @mudcatsfitness

    Instagram: chimudcatsfitness

  • Ways to Get Involved


    Sponsorship dollars are extremely important to our organization as they allow us to offer financial assistance to talented youth who would not otherwise be able to participate. We offer a full range of giving levels and benefits to our generous sponsors and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the various options with your company’s representative.

    Donate Today

    In-kind donations are also welcome! To support the mission and vision of the Chicago Mudcat Sport & Social Club means supporting the youth in our city. All donations are tax-deductible.

    Chicago Mudcats 2015 Sponsors

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    Thank you for your support!

    Chicago Mudcats Sport & Social Club is humbled and grateful by our very generous Sponsors & Donors. 

  • Youth Athletic Programs

    Chicago Mudcat Training Facilities

    We offer camps, lessons and clinics at the following locations:

    Justin Stringer


    Justin Stringer is the creator and founder of the Chicago Mudcats Travel Baseball Program and Founder of Chicago Mudcats Sport & Social Club.


    Mudcats Staff

    We are proud to have the finest group of professional baseball coaches and instructors work with our organization.

    Board of Directors

    Meet the members who oversee and continue to cultivate our vision.

    Nan Stringer, Executive Director

    Justin Stringer, President

    Oscar Ibarra, Vice President

    Bryan Stuart, Treasurer

    Pete Kalenik, Board Member

    Steve Sawyer, Board Member

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